Saturday, 30 April 2011

The 'Navvy' opened early for a bit of wedding watching

So, needless to say, we stayed another night and turned up at the 'Navvy' at 11.00am and met up with Linda and Paul for coffee and biscuits (plus something a little stronger as the day went on) to watch the wedding. It would have been churlish not to, given they'd opened an hour early especially for us. Don't we do it well? No-one can rival GB for pageantry. My highlight was the little bridesmaid yawning on her way down the aisle and then spending most of the rest of the time pulling faces with her fingers in her ears - she can be sure that those pictures will come back to haunt her later in life; probably at her own wedding.

When it was all over we cruised up a couple  of locks so that we could  reach the road for a regular bus service in the morning.

G set about trimming Muttley's coat right down and even removed most of his tail feathers after meeting the handsome (but tail feather-less) Bobbie at Blakesmere. Given that he's still a, 'work in progress' they'll be no protraits just yet.

When I left the boat to walk the dogs, I saw a boat leaving the lock, so I stopped and picked up my windlass in order to set the next lock for them. As I walked back I realised it was a hotel motor and butty and told them I'd set the lock and opened the gate for them - with only two people to handle the two boats you'd think they'd be immensely grateful but they could hardly bother to mutter thank you - now't as queer as folk, but I shan't bother to put myself out if I see them again.
Graham got attacked by the geese on the towpath again - they were trying to peck his shins and he was doing a sort of ministry of silly walks trying to stop them. I missed the photo opportunity as I was too busy trying not to wee myself with laughter.

The canoists were out in full force and having a ball - they certainly had this narrowboat surrounded

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