Monday, 4 April 2011

Enough of city living

Saturday sees our convoy temporarily dispersing. Caxton legged it Friday before the Telford's music night (wise decision - Critical Point wished they had too with hindsight!); Enchantress legged it in the morning to pick up Caxton and travel on together to Ellesmere Port. CP had guests for the day  and I walked up to meet G from the station when he returned from Northampton. We missed each other as he didn't have his 'phone switched on, but never mind - the dogs enjoyed an additional walk.

Chester Station (without G)
The magnificent Queen Hotel opposite
 Muttley found his favourite type of ball - large and punctured
The afternoon turned out sunny and the gongoozlers were virtually climbing through our windows - enough! A lovely short evening cruise in brilliant sunshine to moor below the zoo - a very happy pussy cat was off and hunting with the freedom of the countryside.

A peaceful night and we set off with Critical Point at 9.00am on Sunday for Ellesmere Port Museum in lovely sunshine.
The Manchester Ship Canal with the Mersey beyond

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