Friday, 22 April 2011

Llangollen the easy way

We had absolutely no intention of taking MR into Llangollen over the Easter holidays, but it would have been a terrible shame to come this far and not make a visit in the sunshine. We were last here 3 years ago; the towpaths were up to our knees in mud and the cloudbase was on the floor - not a view to be had anywhere.
So Sue and I walked in and Dave and G caught the bus.
The pic above is the winding hole which we will need to use the next day - just a tad congested!

                                                       No problem with cloudbases today
The  River Dee follows us in

                         Walking across the Pontcysyllte was just as scary as taking the boat across

                                                         I love the slopes on these bridges
and there is certainly no problem with the condition of the towpath now - the only trouble now that they've sorted it is that the 30mph cyclists are moving in. Can't win them all I guess.

                                     This little foal and his mum were enjoying the sunshine too.

So here we are in Llangollen town where we met up with the fellers for a pint in the sunshine; some basic provisions, an excellent icecream and a bus back to the boats.

Then back to MR for some food. After dinner we started playing the, 'set the timer game' on the camera so we could get a 'group' shot. The first few attempts either captured Dave's bum as he ran back, or the flash didn't go. Serious giggles had set in by the time G had a go and dashed back to his stool with a crunch as it broke - this time the camera took the picture and, by then, we were in hysterics. Fabulous couple of days - thank you guys.

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