Saturday, 23 April 2011

Heading for the Monty and an Easter refuge

Left on Wednesday morning to try and wind amongst this lot which was still parked in the winding hole. Timed it perfectly to wind and stay in front of the first early birds across the aqueduct, so once again we were in front of the pack. 
A fair few boats starting to gather between the tunnel and the aqueduct

Our first ever wild garlic  - in abundance as I walked towards the Monty; the aroma was lovely, much sweeter smelling than the normal stinky stuff and we ate it in an omelette made from some locally gathered eggs - absolutely yummy.
After we crossed the aqueduct all the boats vanished until we arrived at the waterpoint before the two locks when, mysteriously, we joined a big queue - I'm not sure where they all came from, but the banter was excellent.
and the wait passed in no time.
We overnighted by a field of noisy sheep, joined only by Alison on  NB Annie C (she of the manic Dacshund and the Daisy injured whippet) before tootling on in the morning for our booking onto the Montgomery.

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