Monday, 25 April 2011

Moving down to Aston Locks and an attempt to rescue cyclists

Leaving Perry aqueduct you travel down a mile long straight (pretty boring walking as there is no change of scenery for 20 minutes) which was used as a test site for the famous dam busters bouncing bombs in WW2. Passing the long overgrown, but still intact, Rednal Basin at the end of the straight.
Just East of the bridge here, on 7th June 1865, 12 people were killed in a train cash. The turn-over bridge here is so elegant.

Moored up below the Queen's Head I walked the dogs across towards West Felton and came across this stunning farmhouse

These guys are terrorising the more timid walkers along the towpath - here they are giving people a break and letting people past
G's first fishing foray of the year
Then we had a good chat to some passing cyclists, Joy and Graham, and then Graham came back looking for help as Joy had a puncture and took off after Joy with potential repair stuff; then Joy turned up pushing her bike and looking for Graham, so she came in for a coffee and, in due course, Graham turned up pushing his bike (the blackthorn got him too) looking for Joy - how can you miss each other on a towpath - I know Joy was wearing a camoflage jacket, but really. So he had a cup of coffee too and then we tried (and failed)to repair both bikes; so we kicked them out to walk home whilst we watched Doctor Who.
Lovely to meet you guys, bet you slept well - great fun


  1. Ha, we recognise that pair of reprobates...pretending to get punctures in order to scrounge coffee from unsuspecting boaters !!..only joking. x
    Jack and Lou, Evelyn May NB, Brinklow.

  2. We thought the performance was just a little too polished!
    Were you at Brinklow when we were there 3+ years ago?