Saturday, 30 April 2011

A long cruise - about a mile

This is where we were moored for lunch at the Navigation (it's time he gave me commision- very few establishments get so much free publicity)) and then  we moved on for the night

a cruise of about a mile - Daisy is investigating a large and mysterious hole in the towpath, I've know idea what caused it, but she is absolutely fascinated.
Woke in the morning to a misty and mysterious canal.

Well G did, I was still in the land of the zzzzzzzs

 We weren't the only ones out enjoying the sunshine, although it was chillier today. We were moving back up towards Queens Head in the morning so that we could catch a bus into Shrewsbury for provisions, but the farm shop has provided enough fresh produce to allow us to stay here a little longer if we wish (and I think we do wish).

and there was some talk of a bit of wedding watching in the pub with Linda and Paul who were on an NB time share- the TV in the pub is normally only in use for 6 nations rugby and grand prix, otherwise covered in menus - so who knows. I do know that this little bit of canal is an oasis of tranquility, but we must leave soon as I have some boat sitting to do at the end of May in Birmingham and I can't do with a lot of rushing and charging about to catch up. In that respect I'm a bit of a greyhound; just bring on another sheepskin to curl up in.

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