Thursday, 14 April 2011

Wrenbury to Whitchurch

Here we are Moored by the lift bridge at Whitchurch - another charming mooring; they all are and so many of them. 7 miles and 10 locks today and not a single, publishable photo of the cruise (eediot woman had the camera on the wrong settings - at least it's not down the loo!). Set off around 8.30 am and had the best road I've had in 3+ years: the lift bridge was up as we pulled pins so we beetled through and swapped sides over the back of MR, all I had to do was lower it. The town bridge (traffic lights, barriers, impatient cars late for work -tee hee) was operated up and down by crew coming down far ahead of their boats. Then every lock we approached had someone coming out! we even tagged onto the back at Grindley Brook staircase without as much as a momentary wait. One delightful, elderly gentleman coming down did explain that we couldn't possibly go in because the lady waiting to come down behind him had been there first and, as such, it was her turn next. We had a lovely chat, but I still think, secretly, that he thinks I'm a bit of a bastard who was queue jumping!
 G rescues wack wack from Floyd, although Muttley is determined to hand it back
 G does a bit of log splitting before attending to a slippy alternator belt

 Whilst I donned my long grey furry ears for a run into Tescos in town. With hindsight I learn that you can get a bus from Tesc (no 205) to Chemistry Lane; leaving only a 1/4 mile walk


  1. Please take particular care on those moorings, our boat was broken into right on that very spot last week - the door smashed in and various items (TV, inverter, etc) stolen. The policeman who dealt with it told us its common as there are lots of footpaths running up to a housing estate, so boats are easy pickings for local thieves.

  2. NeilR, Thank you for the info and I'm sorry to hear that. We recieved your message at bedtime and left all sorts of booby traps. Didn't get a lot of sleep but we stayed safe.

  3. I thought I recognised the boat name as I was wandering down past the electric bridge! I was the sunburnt one walking ahead to the manual lift bridge. The lady who opened the electric bridge was part of the same convoy from Overwater marina in Audlem. Keep an eye out for the yellow t-shirts!


  4. Jill & Graham, oh no sorry I worried you! I hope you both got a good night's sleep the next night :-/ Love your blog by the way. N

  5. NeilR. No problems, better to be aware - slept like babes the next night - and thanks for the compliment re the blog.

    Hi Kate, thanks for the crewing (I think we're all sporting red noses!), only spotted one yellow shirt today. Hope you've all had a good time