Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Keeping a low profile in Oswestry

Himself was planning to lay the pipes as part of the preparations for moving the washing machine out the back, next to the tumble dryer. So, after walking the dogs, I caught the bus into Oswestry - we were nearly out of milk anyway.
 I needed to do a fair bit of shopping but, as always, couldn't face it so bought the milk and some bits for a BBQ in the hope that we'd tempted NB Beefur down to join us for the weekend. Just had a good old rummage around the town

 The mott and bailey

The beautiful remembrance gardens dedicated to those who died in WW2

I'm still short of T-shirts and all sorts of odds and ends though, so I will have to go back and do some shopping - oh how I hate it. I could catch a bus in the other direction and go to Shrewsbury, but then I'll end up rummaging again and not shopping.
I was waiting for the bus home when G 'phoned and re-directed me in search of a bigger doofer (technical term)  to cut a hole in the side of the boat with as his current doofer had gone blunt after only 1mm and he had another 5mm to go. I wasn't sure that I should be encouraging this desire to cut holes in the side of my home...hmmm!

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