Sunday, 1 May 2011

Which came first - the claws or the water?

5.30am and a very rude awakening. Any of you who are familiar with cats will know that they have a regular routine, for a while, and then they like to find a new one. Daisy has recently decided to do a loop round my head, during the night, before re-settling back on my shoulder. Last night she decided to add an extra twist in the early hours - whilst doing the loop round my head she decided to pop up onto the very small and narrow shelf above my head that houses my water glass. Needless to say there was no room for her, so she fell off (claws extended) onto my face as did my glass full of water.
G leapt out of bed in response to my (rather loud) screams and passed me copius amounts of towels and tissues to mop up the water and blood respectively.. I am now sporting some magnificent facial scratches that look like I've been in a .....well...... cat fight.
Caught a bus into Shrewsbury which is amazing, but was very crowded
I don't do history lessons so just the pictures in all their glory

The castle and grounds were looking stunning in the sunshine with the rhododendrons (I think that's how you spell it..ish) in full bloom
I could do with one of these on the roof to repel speeding boaters.


  1. Jill, as I read your blog I am laughing soooo much the tears are streaming down my face, it has to be one of those moments in life that you will remember forever, cats can be so unpredictable mabee that is why we love them so much.

    Shrewsbury is a lovely place, we were there for a long week-end about a month ago, and will be back there again towards the end of June for about 10 days with the caravan(and will be having another look around the Ironbridge museums whilst there)

    Kind regards

    Beardy Chas & Liz

  2. Glad I made you laugh, we will catch up this summer

  3. Could have been worse, teeth in glass, "Jaws and Claws".
    Re speeding boaters, more subtle approach is the Bow Thruster tube that doubles with a with a Torpedo. Food for thought.

  4. Sorry that sounded so brief, have typed a full reply 3 times and it keeps vanishing; having real problems with posting comments at the moment- are you 'Upton'ing end of the month? We had Upton potatoes tonight.

  5. John, very clever although more than a little scary, it was already bad enough! As for the torpedo idea; our bow thruster hasn't worked in months - it would be good to put the space to some useful purpose.

    I note no-one has offered any sympathy for my (very visible) wounds!!!

  6. Jill, yes indeed, we are 'Upton'ing arriving 20th for 2 x weeks, we will be thinking of you (especialy when we are peeling the spuds), by the way, there is a derelict bungalow with PP to knock it down and erect a new dwelling on a large plot of land next door to our current Suffolk abode, which came on the market recently, we put in a bid, and it has been sucessful, so this daft OAP who thinks he is still a strong 30 year old, is going to knock it down and build the retirement house of our dreams (with a little help from some friends)

    Beardy Chas