Thursday, 28 April 2011

Maesbury Marsh and The Navigation Inn

After Dave helped G move the washing machine in the morning, we set off in leisurely fashion with Beefur and with various plans:
a) bacon and egg brunch (ie lazy ass breakfast)
b) lunchtime BBQ
c) picnic lunch
as  they needed to head back up nearer to Frankton locks for their booked passage up on Tuesday (we were booked out for Tuesday too - but, now, have no intention of  re-joining the Llangollen madness until after the next Bank Holiday weekend, so will re-book for the following Tuesday).

 Absolutely gorgeous in the sunshine
 and the birdlife is prolific
 The boats move at less than 2mph here so I take a photo opportunity of the boys having a rest
 Approaching the original wharf  and the Navigation Inn - the building dates from 1796 and the pub, whilst not cheap, gives excellent  value for money. We had a starter and a pud and the food was divine (that was plan 'd' then!). Dog friendly too - each dog greeted with a biscuit and a cuddle!
 Check the opening hours, which can be a bit quirky at the beginning of the week (dependant upon bank holidays etc), but if you want a real treat, this is one of the nicest places I've ever been in on the cut - I know Adam and Adrian (now on, or soon to be on, NB Briar Rose, formerly of Debdale) love it too. Oh, and the beer comes from Stonehouse brewery just down the road.
So, that's NB Beefur waived farewell until, probably, next winter. Bye guys, as ever, enjoyed your company and hospitality.

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