Monday, 30 June 2014

Crossed from Belgium into France

France is absolutely fabulous - now on the River Meuse in the Ardennes. The new blog of Matilda Rose in France can be found at

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Whilst some of us are getting stressed

Others aren't much bothered. Whilst G was still at his Mum's this morning and I was flapping about the boat like a headless chicken unable to decide which job to do that would cause the least disruption to our lives; certain members of the MR crew couldn't give a damn after yesterdays energetic walks and hunting
 I must add that I took these photos around 12.00 today - lazy tykes
Daisy eventually stood up when a boat charged passed us
it was a bit of an effort
and on this note I give up for the night as it's taking 5 minutes a photo to load.

PS Kevin and Debbie on WB Avalon are coming out in the morning  - they are slurping wine out of mugs as we speak. Everything else is packed they say.