Thursday, 10 April 2014

Whilst some of us are getting stressed

Others aren't much bothered. Whilst G was still at his Mum's this morning and I was flapping about the boat like a headless chicken unable to decide which job to do that would cause the least disruption to our lives; certain members of the MR crew couldn't give a damn after yesterdays energetic walks and hunting
 I must add that I took these photos around 12.00 today - lazy tykes
Daisy eventually stood up when a boat charged passed us
it was a bit of an effort
and on this note I give up for the night as it's taking 5 minutes a photo to load.

PS Kevin and Debbie on WB Avalon are coming out in the morning  - they are slurping wine out of mugs as we speak. Everything else is packed they say.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Our last few days in England

I tried to throw that in casually; but it's pretty close now and, I have to admit, neither of us are sleeping that well. I was up at 7.00 this morning after pontificating about life in general for at least 2 hours. G was reading/on the 'net until gone 3. We seem to be sleeping in shifts.

We moved a mile or so down the canal yesterday to Kings Langley - the overnight rain continued pretty much all day; so full wets and a walk into the dog friendly Saracens Head for a pint to celebrate his 60th; no pensioners deals on the menu but it (the menu) did look good and was very reasonably priced. A nice atmosphere in there and quite busy for a Monday afternoon. We returned to the boat to dry out and eat the greasy slops I'd prepared earlier - with G away at his Mum's for the next 2 days I want to eat up all the odds and ends before I re-stock with fresh veg on Saturday. I can also thoroughly recommend the very reasonably priced butcher - we ate some of his rump steak tonight (we needed to use up the mushrooms and tomatoes); excellent.

You can just see MR's nose peeking around the corner
A beautiful day today although it was quite nippy in the sunshine
and a bit of a scary encounter en route
after two nights and one day of solid rain, the rivers Bulbourne and Gade were swelling the GU.
and we had to wait awhile whilst C & RT did some gate repairs
never saw a single boat on the move today until after we moored up - amazing considering it's the Easter holidays
oops .. camera on the wrong setting but I rather like it

Now is that a bridge, a cratch cover, or just someone failing to apply their breaks in time? Despite it looking pointy it is the stern

happy man in the sunshine

The pictures above and below remind me of my beloved River Nene

More monsters, potentially, lurking

Moored at Cassiobury Park. Happy Daisy me and the boys - we love it here
We have masses to do but, frustratingly, we can't do any of it until the last day - anyone who's ever lived on a narra will tell you that the minute you start trying to move things about your home becomes uninhabitable. We have glasses to wrap; everything to come off of the shelves; cupboards to tape up; all the contents of the roof to come inside; cratch cover and pram hood to come off and the contents of the well deck to come inside. If we do that now we'll have nowhere to live.

We had a 'phone call from our transporter yesterday to make sure we were still going - evidently quite a few people cry off in the last few days - not us brave little soldiers. Well, not yet.