Saturday, 2 April 2011

Walked the boys along the River Dee

More chicks - oh no, they're firemen
The suspension bridge looked stunning against the bright blue sky

Views all the way along of the City outskirts

By this time we had been walking 2 hours with no sign of the return path (that'll make a change then) so, being of the female gender, we asked some locals and followed their directions ending up back in civilisation in more or less the right place
A new take on the old school motto, albeit a bit sexist this one and a bit large to get on the blazer badge
Back in civilisation meant there was the prospect of a bite and a pint somewhere - the first establishment 'sold' itself as a, "real pub with real ale and a real welcome". That welcome is, of course, dependant on you not having a dog with you. If you choose not to allow dogs that's fine,  but PLEASE don't tell me it's against the law if you serve food, because it isn't. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Wandered up a bit to the rather trendy looking Ship Inn and a man up a ladder said they did have real ale, real food and a real welcome that included dogs - they were spot on and the food was stunning.
Daisy loves to sit on top of our matress in the daytime which puts her at porthole height and allows her to absorb the sunshine and watch the world go by. She looked particularly appealing this morning, but legged it as I took the pic - so this is the space where Daisy was, looking at the narrowboats moored on the Dee Arm (link to the River Dee) below us.

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