Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Hitching a ride with Beefur

Having tempted Beefur to join us, they booked down Frankton Locks on Sunday and we (yes, that includes G) walked up to meet them and then hitched a lift back to our moorings- we decided to ignore the instructions on the bollard. 
It was lovely sat out on the front of Beefur with Sue and the dogs in the fresh air listening to the abundance of bird song, without a cratch cover and all our junk
not to mention the fact that Dave didn't let G keep blowing the horn and frightening us half to death - strangely enough though Muttley; who hangs out the back of the stern deck with G quite happily when he is on the boat; became quite anxious out on the bow.
All safely moored up, we headed off to the Queens Head for a pint - I'm sure this will come as a great surprise to those of you who know us well.

Dave and Sue provided the tools to allow G to finish cutting a hole in the boat.

We ate in the pub in the evening and returned to two pussy cats who had not had such a happy evening.

Daisy is brilliant about standing her ground against dogs, but not so good in the presence of another cat - unfortunately we had moored in the territory of another cat - Daisy shot home screaming, but poor little baby Nemo (Beefur's boat cat) had been chased into the cut and was a bit traumatised - hope you are feeling better little feller.

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