Monday, 11 April 2011

From Ellesmere Port back up to Chester

This blog, and the next, are slightly out of sync as he wanted to stick the steam train pics up immediately and I needed to rant about the lady accusing me of fraud at the boatyard.
So, back into chronological order.
Having rather 'done' Chester, we left the Port with the intension of mooring just short and to the North.
 Sculpture to entertain us
 and us to entertain them.. We found an excellent mooring opposite the golf course by bridge 131.
 The rather striking tower of Waverton Church - at least, I think that's where it was, but it's several days of sunshine and a Sunday lunch ago!!
 We paused in Chester only long enough to do a supermarket shop and rid David's prop of this little lot. He lost all power at the bottom of the staircase so we strapped Critical Point to Matilda Rose, saving the technical investigation for the top of the locks.
I loved this weather vane on the lock cottage at  Greenfield Lock

We moored for the night at the Cheshire Cat  - leaving G (the birthday boy) in the pub whilst I walked back to help lock Caxton up before we all retired back to the pub. It's a hard life, but someone...

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