Thursday, 21 April 2011

Anything for a sausage!!!

We left Ellesmere in leisurely time and joined the queue for the water point. The sun is shining and everyone is up for a natter - no worries, no hassle.
A quick phone call to Sue and Dave on NB Beefur to say we'd catch them tomorrow at their mooring at Froncysyllte - they said make it today for a BBQ. We were shameless! The nice couple (German) in front of us were doing 1.3 miles per hour (I know, we're anal and have GPS which monitors these things precisely) and kindly pulled over to let us through.

Another hire boat before the two locks asked if we'd like to come past (we're not sure why, but they jumped off at each bridge 'ole with the centre rope) so we blasted through the two locks - some happy lockwheelers at the first helped us through and the lady from the lock cotrtage at the second also helped us through, sending her regards on to Sue & Dave who are quite the celebrities in this neck of the woods (or should that be notorious?).

 even these guys were staggered at our speed
Straight on to the Chirk aqueduct without as much as a pause

 Look at that happy grin - he's smelling that sausage now

off the aqueduct and 3 boats were tied off waiting for the tunnel to clear, so we hovered whilst the last boat cleared and were then waived through first by those tied off. As I say, shameless. Thank you to everyone that eased our passage and injected so much good humoured banter to our day.

 And here we are at 5.45; better late than never and lovely to see these guys again - the sausages weren't bad either!
 a great evening - did it really get that late? Llangollen in the morning, but NOT by boat

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