Sunday, 3 April 2011

Nest watch and a day to indulge myself

With G away overnight I had a day of indulgence ahead of myself; the only major chore being a large shop to Tesco and back (must start getting deliveries again). So, after giving the dogs a quick walk, I set off to check on the local nest sights. Mr and Mrs Moorhen were still doing fine on the bottom gate of Northgate locks.

Not so, however, Mr and Mrs Moorhen who were hellbent on building a nest on a floating (small) branch above the locks. There were no eggs yet so a BW man decided to grapple the branch out of the cut and give them a chance to re-build somewhere more suitable. This nest was only going to be upended by the weir stream or a passing boat.
Mr and Mrs Swan seem quite content despite the emptying of the dry dock. Mr Swan is starting to terrorise the towpath and wouldn't let anyone past for a good 30 mins this morning-it may be a pain in the bum, but you have to admire him - if only I had such a protector (she said wistfully).

Dry dock now empty
Trundled off to the greenery by the castle wall to give the dogs a quick run and somebody locked us in! Every gate we tried had been locked behind us so we had to go round the bowling green and back by the long route - so much for a quick run.

Nearly forgot to mention a little time for a spot of retail indulgence whilst en route to the excellent greengrocers in Northgate Street.

Round and round the gates trying to find a way out after the park keeper had locked up.
By this time it was getting late and I was getting hungry, so another boater didn't pick a good time to tell me he was a continuous cruiser who would be hanging around for two months.........hmmm! I mentioned a recent court case re someone on the K & A Canal and realised I was going to go off on one. Somewhat reluctantly decided itwas better to walk away and feed the menagerie and I;...... now on the way back, and with a full tummy, I might just finish the 'discussion'.

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