Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ellesmere Port

I'm not sure what I think about this place-it's certainly worth a visit and full credit to the hard working and happily enthusiastic volunteers, but you can't help feeling that fund raising opportunities are being lost somehow, particularly because of the underwater obstructions taking up a lot of the limited moorings.
When we arrived we had a fantastic welcome and lockwheeling assistance from the volunteers, but the weather was dreadful
and as for the neighbours.......
.....well you can't help but worry
MR behind these mottley crew with Critical Point breasted up (above) and below is Caxton in the center, with Enchantress's stern breasted up to a trust boat on the left
Bit of a classic car thing going on which Daisy insisted on checking out.
New housing/retail all around the basin, but not available for mooring if you want access to the museum

Dramatic evening light hitting the stonework on the buildings

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