Wednesday, 13 April 2011

To Wrenbury on the Llangollen

Fighting the wind again all the way today - unfotunately coming from starboard; the same side as the strong weir streams. MR approaches nicely and then the back gets shoved round.
Maybe King Canute sat here once.
Moored up at Wrenbury and just time for a spot of DIY before Caxton joined us as she was about 3 back in the continual convoy of boats moving in both directions.
This was meant to be a lunch stop, but we'd had enough of the wind and retired to the excellent village pub, the Cotton Arms, for some lunch and a bag of pork scratchings for the dogs. Village shop has all the essentials including a post office and the new health food shop next door sells eggs from their own, now free range, rescued battery hens.
Pretty village with loads of dog walking.

Met up again with Sadie and Murphy, two flat coated retreivers from NB Delilah who we last met at bridge 86 on the Macclesfield Canal two summers ago.
They kept coming round to play with the boys


  1. aww - such great pics of happy hounds. Just love those pics.

  2. I just love all your brilliant photos! What fabulous cruising. We aim to get to the Llangollen but it needs to be later in the year - possibly a mistake!

  3. Angela, I think cruising the Llangollen at anytime can be a nightmare, especially when school's out, so many boats. Get me back on the Fenns.
    S. Any picture of happy hounds is wonderful.

  4. Angela, that response was from Mr Grumpy - I certainly recommend that you do it out of season though - we are NOT going down to the end at this time of the year; very shallow, very narrow and very congested. Then when you get there you only have 24 hours before you have to reverse the process. Lovely to hear from you, hope things are a little more settled for you now, regards, Jill