Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Manchester Ship Canal

We'd planned to leave Ellesmere Port Tuesday morning, but the weather forecast was so awful forTuesday that we decided to stay for another day - Caxton left on Monday as they had places to be, but the other 3 of us have, I think, enjoyed a leisurely couple of days drinking tea and putting the world to rights.
 Our proximity to the RiverMersey and the Manchester Ship Canal fascinates me

 These are the (padlocked) locks that, by prior arrangement, take you onto the Ship Canal so that you can go and dodge the big boys

 This made me smile, a "no swimming" sign on the building which houses a swimming pool and adjacent to the scuba club!

Those of you with good eyesight may just make out a large semi-circular bridge silhouetted against the skyline to the right of the right hand chimneys across the Mersey - does anyone know what it is?


  1. Hi Both
    I think that'll be the Widnes-Runcorn Bridge, (or Silver Jubilee Bridge) across Runcorn Gap, spanning the Mersey and the Ship Canal.
    Happy cruising....

  2. The bridge is across the Mersey at Runcorn. It's approach roads cut the Bridgewater Canal at its current limit of navigation.

  3. That'll be the Runcorn bridge.

    You didn't think of using the Ship Canal up to the River Weaver, then? We looked into it, but they don't allow shared boats.

  4. It's Runcorn Bridge which Crosses the River & Ship Canal betwean Runcorn & Widnes, There is a railway bridge alongside the road bridge. There are plans for a new crossing south of the present bridge which if (& when!) built will be a toll crossing.

  5. You guys would make perfect 'phone a friends'; I knew you wouldn't let me down; or perhaps we should just make up some 'egghead' teams!
    If the weather then had been like the weather is now, we might have given the ship canal a whirl; as it was, the wind was evil.