Sunday, 10 April 2011

Chas Hardern Boatyard (owner; staff there?) marred our day.

Today we waived Critical Point goodbye for a little while after Lesley and I locked them up through the next 3 locks (no idea where Enchantress has gone - typical woman, gives me her cold then legs it!).

On the way back, Lesley asked the lady across the cut at Chas Hardern's BY if they had diesel? They had and I asked if they allowed self declaration. She said they did and what did we want. I said that we were currently running on 90/10. This is her response and I quote it ver batim

"Frankly, I think that's taking the piss in the summer"
(Punctuation is my interpretation)

a) What right does she have to make my tax return - I do the declaration, not her.
b) My GPS shows that we are still running on 90/10
c) What the hell does she know about how we heat water etc..
d) when did 10th April constitute summer?

Many play the, 'we're too lazy to calculate anything other than 60/40', game. This, however, was something completely different.


  1. Whatever happened to "The Customer is always right"?

  2. Tyson,spot on; is it normal to accuse customers of fraud without any info!

  3. Well dont buy from there. and maake sure Sue has added it to her fuel supply page.

  4. I would bow haul the boat rather than have anything to do with the Chas Hardern 'service' - her arrogance and rudeness left a very sour taste!