Saturday, 16 April 2011

Animal magic day

Blake Mere looked even more delicious in the morning sun - madam certainly thought so with not an ounce of contrition for the damage inflicted upon poor old Sky the elderly whippet.
'Look at me,look at me'

Lesley and I set off with the boys in a convoluted walk towards Welshampton, lots of glorious open pastureland and no cattle in the fields so the world belonged to us for 3 hours or so.

The pretty bridge 55 with Cole Mere in the background - the solitary cottage behind us has just recieved a Tesco delivery (we all had a job to get by each other on the track/lane) - we considered a highjack but neither of us had remembered our masks and balaclavas; and it's a very long time since either of us have seen a stocking
We reurned to the boats all hot and thirsty and lurked outside with a glass of beer - first to engage was Muttley's doppelganger - a Tibetan called Bobby who was completely clipped out; I've never seen a Tibetan without tail 'feathers' before -look out my boys; we think he looks lovely and it would get rid of the bits most prone to tangle

Next to appear were Sky (pleased to see he has recovered from Daisy's attack) and his manic Daschund sidekick on speed - she took on the lot bless her and never stopped. These are the only unblurred pics I could capture from the 'playground'.

What a great day and  our blokes did quite a lot of chores and polishing whilst we were out - we did make dinner

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