Friday, 29 April 2011

Blowing our pensions at the Navigation Inn

So having waived goodbye to Beefur, we moved as far to the end of the navigable Monty as possible as I had tons of walking to do around Pant (no juvenile jokes required), the limekilns at Llanymynech, the 500ft limestone cliffs and all sorts of interesting bits beyond.
Trouble is, I've stuffed my back and can hardly walk so the only pictures available are these:

We ran the washing machine before hitting the services and all is working well without leaks and  I now have a free cupboard in the galley.  Yakky dar (or something like that - sorry Sue). Lesley said I should put a dishwasher in the space, but G said it hurt his elbows when I shut the door.

You go through the lift bridge and then wind

 This barrier makes sure you don't attempt to go further
I was very fed up, so G took me back to the Navigation Inn for lunch which helped a great deal - so long as I can walk again tomorrow.......
Looking on the bright side, it means I have plenty to come back for another time; you never want to do it all in one go!

G's footnote:  I just want to add my two pennies worth about the Navigation. This is a fantastic establishment, The food is simply wonderful, the beer is very well kept, I would recomend the Stonehouse Cambrian Gold, a beautiful pint. The owners are very friendly and knowledgeable and, to boot, the locals all talked to us too.
I  decided to have a concoction of two dishes that were on the menu, this didn't faze the owner nor the chef; I mixed the home made pork faggots with a black pudding mash (simply wonderful) and onion gravy from the liver and onion dish. Just to make life interesting Jill jiggled her dish too, opting for extra prawns in lieu of the scallops and then had another starter- the unforgettable chicken liver creme brulee.


  1. I told you you'd like The Navigation! It was one of the things we thought was excellent (apart from the food itself!): that nothing was too much trouble and there were no daft rules. You could have the bar menu in the restaurant, the restaurant menu in the bar, and if you wanted to change the menu a bit, that was fine too. So many other establishments could learn a lot from The Navvy.

  2. Great call Adam, they even opened an hour early, on request, for a bit of wedding watching. The sort of place where new friendships are made (and were)!