Saturday, 1 September 2012

All things bovine

I wasted the first hour of the day trying to photo a Cormorant that was swimming about alongside our boat - every time I got it in focus it dived and came up somewhere yards away. I never got the photo but there are far worse ways to start the day!
Lesley arrived back with the car and drove her and Graham back to NB Yarwood and Graham bought the car back to Hemingford Grey - off to get more bits to re-build the fire tomorrow

Shortish walk with the dogs today as Baxter is limping although we can't find anything wrong. I might of thought he was faking it but he is, consistently, limping on the same leg

 This little lot were very calm and friendly - but very curious. The expression bull in a china shop Matilda Rose comes to mind and were doing their best to get through our side hatches at various intervals during the day
 neither the dogs nor Daisy were very impressed with their proximity
 he was so cute with the youngsters though

 Daisy is inside this tree trunk somewhere
they weren't the only ones poking their noses in - these two labs seem to roam free as well

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