Friday, 31 August 2012

Did it turn autumnal 'cause I bought a Kayak?

We've had a lovely couple of days just chilling at the GOBA moorings on Nobles Field in St Ives, but it hasn't half turned chilly. Particularly unfortunate as our fire is currently sitting outside in our well deck and the chimney is under my seat (No Problem keeps paperwork under hers!).
 A lovely evening and plenty of balletic entertainment from swan lake

 Baxter, however, just dreamt about Kayaks and never having to walk again
 rammed the nose onto the bank to wind and go into the town moorings for water
 I love these clear waters - the canal water is always a shock when we come off of the rivers
 Leaving G to water I went into town to spend ridiculous amounts of money on the fish stall and in Waitrose

 and found more swans drawn on a wall in one of the side streets

before trundling onto the Hemingfords to let Daisy sharpen her claws
 and round up the cattle - attack cat never left a single bovine standing
 happy cat


  1. OK we give in! Not only will we take Mutley off your hands but we'll take Daisy too ..... and Baxter .... and the kayak ...... but not the mouse! We draw the line at that! Job lot!
    Seriously, loved the pictures of Daisy out there enjoying herself. xxoo

    1. Baxter and the kayak stay. Daisy sneaked in with another live mouse yesterday but it was safely recaptured. She made it to the bathroom with another, but that was pronounced d.o.a.
      If you take Daisy the mice come as a sort of bogof! xxoo

  2. Was thinking of you today when we saw lots of canoes/kayaks on the tidal Thames - maybe you could bring yours along and we'll give you a tow if the tide gets too much for you!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Only if Richard can fit it with a heater!
      I was thinking of tranquil pottering; not terrifying myself and freezing to death .... mind you,if the tide's going out I could go EVER so fast