Monday, 24 September 2012

Rest of Bedford pics

I loved our short stay at Priory Marina and there are also excellent EA moorings further up
There has been a lot of investment along the embankment and it's a really lovely walk in

Unfortunately the town looks unloved and dejected - I'm not sure why, it's not dirty or anything just sort of deserted. Despite a whole host of charity shops there are still a load of empty units.
and it has some nice buildings - The Swan Hotel circa 1746 and the stop over staging post for The Times and Daily Mail distribution stage coaches (I think that's right, but my memory is rubbish)

Venetian style gondolas on our circuitous walk home

I love these carvings
unfortunately the dogs don't have an artistic eye and just see it as a pee post!

So there we go; Egypt, Venice and Bedford all in the space of 48 hours. The walking is sensational and I could have happily spent a week or two here - however, our fire is still disconnected and the welder needed to re-connect it is in Ely and today has turned very chilly.


  1. The best part of Bedford is the Riverside or the main road out! Always found it a grotty town, even 15 years ago when I used to visit the local industry.

    1. Yes, the town is singularly lacking in charm - for my sins I was born there

  2. Oops, sorry to diss your town, have a go at mine, Dewsbury, West Yorks.

    1. I dissed it first!Mind you, I was born in the hospital so would have left after about 5 days.
      I've never been to Dewsbury