Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mrs Bear Grylls

It's amazing what you find when you're out and about - no I'm not about to shoot the bull
 isn't he gorgeous - it seems to be quite normal here for the bulls to run out with their ladies and calves 
 small stream opens out to great big space as you go under the railway line
 the sound of the paddling echoing under the bridge was lovely

 Who lives in a house like this?
 Close up of their verandah 
ooh look, dinner to port - oyster mushrooms
I only went out in this wind as I knew they were short of food and I didn't want Floyd and Fletcher Joe and Lesley to starve
 So you do your hunter gatherer thing and then where are your mates when you need a hand out with your booty (I still haven't mastered the 'getting out')?
up the pub...don't worry about me coming home with your risotto ingredients in a howling gale - I'll just struggle by myself on the back of Yarwood ..oooh did I just scratch your paint a bit as I threw the oars up?
Risotto or crispy bacon white wine and cream?

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