Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Daisy had a very bad Monday

A knock on the roof from Joe to warn us that the farmer was out in 'our' field cutting the grass and that Daisy was mousing in a dangerously adjacent position. So we called her home before seeing Yarwood off through the lock as we waved goodbye with a plan to meet up again late October/ November.

When the farmer finished cutting the grass we let her out again, only to grab her back in with a rush when he returned to thresh it or turn it or something.

Let her out again and he returned to bale it so in she came.
Let her out again and he returned to wrap it so in she came.
Let her out again and he returned to load it so in she came.

Feeling immensely guilty for keeping her in, when the field was finally emptied (boy did that guy work hard) I let her out again quite a lot later than I normally would
Needless to say, she then stayed out way beyond her curfew - so that's Daisy grounded without pocket money for a week on a diet of Whiskas
If he comes back with a cartload of manure we're out of here


  1. How do you call a cat? Do you whistle? I thought cats were ablivious to humans except at food time!

    1. Sue surely we were together long enough for you to have heard me call her in - she most certainly isn't oblivious to me and most certainly doesn't depend on me for food. I call her just like we all call our dogs although I use her call sound more than her name. I don't know how to spell her call sound though, it's a sort of brrrrruppp noise.