Sunday, 16 September 2012

Gt Barford ..or..g.t. bbbbarford

as the lady on the sat nav prefers to call it. Completely lost all internet signal yesterday and this morning - no idea why, so all behind again. This is the iconic bridge at Great Barford

Undergoing some serious structural work

This is the old, disused lock at the back of Barton Mills Island
 The entrance at one end is quite obscure
 These have been taken whilst paddling through
 Whilst this was taken landside when Lesley and I were walking the dogs the previous day
 When I returned these two were engaged in deep and meaningful conversation their phones
 until Muttley became bored and demanded a bit of attention
 The Anchor Inn opposite our mooring
 Droughts, floods? Who knows

 Our actual mooring
and the day ended with a wedding

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