Sunday, 30 September 2012

A good deed done

We were still the hot ticket in town with the cows when we woke in the morning-much to the disgust of the dogs and Daisy

We had a leisurely start to the day, pulling pins at around 11:30. It was a beautifully sunny day but the wind had really picked up again and we had a great deal of difficulty getting away from the mooring. MR was seriously pinned to the armco and  it was quite a while before G managed to get her off.

Turning the first bend we could see in the distance a cruiser which appeared to be stuck on the inside of the next bend, just before the road bridge and Twenty Pence Marina. G asked me to go onto the bow and prepare to take their bow rope so we could get them off, but we could only give it one chance, otherwise we would be broadside with the wind and probably joining them in the shallows. All went well as the guy on the Bridge Hire cruiser did exactly as he was asked (so often they panic and throw the rope much too early) and his rope was round our 'T' stud, G put MR into reverse and the cruiser slipped off the shoal like a knife out of butter. He then headed straight into the reeds on the opposite bank! Never mind; it was deeper that side and there was nothing else we could do.
We realised later that he was just sat there with his engine off and we wondered what he would have done had we not happened by - G suggested he might be waiting for the tide to come in!!!

We had to keep some speed on just to keep her straight, at the next bridge on a bend, G tooted MR's horn long and hard but, at the point of no return, a cruiser appeared. The cruiser held back and, when we passed him, G asked (as a matter of interest) whether they could hear the horn. Whilst listening to G and answering, "no" he, also, disappeared into the reeds! Then he seemed to turn the wheel the wrong way and ended up facing back the way he came - last we saw of him he was broadside!

We had more excitement in an hour and a half than we normally have in a month

Moored up at Pope's Corner it was down to sorting the wood I'd started to pick up the previous week - that makes it officially winter then
 the dogs helped
 Daisy watched. I do wish she'd stop pottering along the edge - I'ts surprising she doesn't fall in more often really
 Last lot split and stashed away - a good job done and I enjoyed the excercise
Just a shame we still haven't got a working fire yet - hopefully that will all change this Friday
An early dinner and a walk across to Little Thetford with the boys and back in time for Doctor Who - we should sleep well tonight

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