Monday, 3 September 2012

Our fire is in a bit of a mess

It has been sitting out on our well deck for 6 wee a little while and it's time to get it sorted, so G has made a huge effort at getting it re-instated the last two days. Garth fitted a new chimney collar when we passed through Ely which himself primed and finished making us water tight. Now he's ripped out all the marble

 built a base to raise the fire by a foot
 replaced the backing and started tiling
Unfortunately, even when he's worked his little cotton socks off, we can't re-use the fire until we've found a welder who can join up some technical stuff with the new chimney, but "we" are getting there.
I have given him my full support by buggering off out of the way with the dogs


  1. Hi Jill, George has no patience either! He wants to know if it arrived??

  2. Patience girl, patience! Sorry George I'm a little busy right now. LOL.