Friday, 7 September 2012

Punk thatch

We went into St Ives for water - G reversing in and Joe reversing out - and alcohol replenishment at the nearby wine merchants before arriving at Hemingford Grey in a rather windy heap. Both Lesley and I hanging on to our boats for grim death while the fellers slammed some pins in.
The wind being seriously outside my kayaking envelope, I suggested we took advantage of the Mon - Fri lunch offer at the Axe and Compass in the nearby Hemingford Abbots; 2 courses for £8 or 3 courses for   £10. Jolly good home cooked food and value for money. Excellent friendly service and free chews for the dogs

The village has retained it's telephone box, but not it's phone

 Nice idea isn't it? Perhaps they could think of something to do with a police box
The thatching here made me smile - very punk

 But thatching is a serious business here with many cottages sporting individual  'signatures'

 As the wind dropped I toddled off for an hour or so down the backwater to the weir pools where you can have a brilliant nose at the gardens and  the backs of the posh houses
Guess I'm going to need a 'tunnel' lamp if I'm going to keep staying out this late - the nights are drawing in so quickly now. I shall sleep well again tonight.


  1. Now that Wine Merchant in St! Not quite your "bottom shelf in Tesco" price but the die for.
    Keeeeeeeeep Kayaking.
    P.S. A Kayak IS the best place to get wind!

    1. John still getting 3 bottles for £12 and you don't have to lug it from the top end of town - miles to go for a pint of milk so might as well make do with the wine merchants beer only a stone's throw away. Should I fit a sail to the rod holder on the kayak and try and catch the wind?

  2. That's the bridge I was talking about the other day I think.