Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mushrooms eaten and we're still alive

Moored on the GOBA field by the mill at Brampton-lovely mooring with no-one to disturb us
The ferry boat that has been running back and forth from Godmanchester Park is moored up and taking a break it would seem
So it's off round the corner down Alconbury Brook to see what we can find

I think this is Hinchingbrooke House, which is a school now
Stuck, literally, in this gloopy green porridge - I had to get out and pull. It's a good job it was shallow here

a spot of Limbo dancing required for this bit
I think this is under the B1514
followed by the beautiful Nuns Bridge
so pretty and tranquil here by Hinchingbrooke Country Park

Every Horse Chestnut tree I saw was very badly diseased
More mushrooms - we could eat for free for weeks on this bounty - oysters and blackberry crumble - preferably not in the same pot! We still haven't had a meal of Signal Crayfish which is disappointing - not helped by the fact that we ran over our lobster pot when we left Northampton
You'd think this one was taken in December

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