Friday, 14 September 2012

You're never alone with a kayak!

Off for a paddle around the backwaters of St Neots and getting quite a lot of attention
 Now I don't do bricks and mortar but, if I had to, this is nice - the gentleman who lives here intercepted me to quiz me about the kayak and this round turret is his workshop overlooking the river
More gongoozlers stop me to talk about where I'm going - one lady walking her dog said that in the 15 years she'd lived there that she'd never seen anyone paddle these waters (thank you to Andy who told me about this bit)
 it's quite charming

 and then, suddenly, you're into green leafy bits - the ducks are very wary in the backwaters and take flight as they spot you; they're not used to people

 this is as far as I can go - it's not just the pipe, it's too shallow even for me
This main river bridge looks massive way down here
 4 mph - I wish
 and back to the boats

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