Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Scurrying around in the rain

Like most of the rest of the country it tipped it down pretty much all day and we arrived at St Neot's soaking wet. On the ditches we wouldn't move in that weather, but on the Rivers you have to or run the risk of being stuck where you are due to strong stream warnings. Graham then took a bus back to get the car and drive it to Ely then taking 2 trains to get back again - what a performance, but we have decided to keep it for a little longer.
After re-stocking in Waitrose we headed for Godmanchester to get off the main River as the EA man said the river will probably go onto strong stream by tomorrow. It was bright but windy and only 3 locks but it was a bit fraught as there is nowhere to moor in between locks and Baxter had a poorly tummy - only just making it to the second lock

Yesterday none of the animals wanted to move and Daisy chose a new spot to sleep - in the middle of the dog beds leaving the dogs with a bit of a predicament
 Baxter tried to squeeze on in front of her
 Not looking very comfortable
 but when Muttley tried to move in behind her he got severely smacked - look at Daisy's body language. Shame Muttley didn't


  1. Poor boys - Daisy leaves them in no doubt who's boss!!!

    1. She really is quite wicked; particularly to Muttley. Hope Ozzy is feeling a little better xx