Thursday, 20 September 2012

Egypt and a slalom run

So we were now heading to Priory Marina
a pretty trip up in lovely, but chilly sunshine
passing the sort of places that - if you had to - would be quite nice to stay in
Passed through some pretty ferocious locks en route with the skipper of a cruiser determined to destroy us by wacking up the front paddles in a deep lock before we could shout stop

and then, seeing the big boat happily moored, I set off for a paddle on the little boat (I know it's so cool and I've become such a poser)
out of the Marina and down the Nile to the pyramids

then onto my competition slalom entry where, I am pleased to say I did the fastest time
round the course - I do, however, have to admit that I was the only entrant
Nonetheless I could hear the roar of the Olympic audience in my ear as I crossed the finish line
we all have our dreams and fantasies but it's sometimes best to eschew the fantasies and stick with the dreams!! 
very pretty spot


  1. GOLD!! HooooooooooooRayyyyyyyyyyyyyy WoooooooopWooooooooooopWooooooooooop.
    Finished before anyone else got there , neat trick.
    Keeeeeeeeeep Padddddddddling.

  2. I think John you are my superstar it's nice when someone understands you and you obviously watch strictly too - let me know if you tire of him Angela !!!