Sunday, 23 September 2012

Intrepid paddlers

Family out for the day and they certainly picked the right one weather wise
Dainion doing his Ronaldo impersonation before legging it in the kayak
 Chenelle was desperate to have a go but not feeling quite confident enough by herself so we took it in stages

 Look, no hands - she soon started to get her confidence and paddled me
 so we stuck her in on her own and Dainion suggested we push her out whilst holding on
  Notice that it's me doing the holding on up to my naughty bits in cold water - not Dainion
Karl, Andre, Daisy, Baxter and Muttley look on whilst G concentrates on the barbie
and she's off
and feeling quite pleased with herself when she returned
and - at the end of the day - as Sue from NB Indigo Dream would say, it's all about chocolate moisturiser
 Now I seem to remember a certain young man saying he'd bring me chocolate in return for a go on my kayak - not only did he not bring me any but he ate what I had. You owe me big time boy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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