Monday, 17 September 2012

Memory lane down the River Ivel

It's often a mistake to go back - but this time it wasn't disappointing. I dragged Lesley and the dogs off for a 6 miler out through Blunham village to the River Ivel where Dad used to take me fishing when I was just a nipper
Blunham church
and an enviable log pile at the old vicarage
and onto the River Ivel - so very pretty
Dad and I would go off for the day (with a packet of sandwiches) and fish for Chub on a bent pin with a  bit of old cheese and still have change from half a crown 

This tiny little waterway was once a working chanel

if you are interested and can't read this, swap to Lesley's blog on Yarwood - Mrs wonder memory woman (shame she can't remember her keys though!)

I desperately want to paddle this length of River, but there is nowhere close enough to moor the 'main boat' - get me - oh well, at least I've walked some of it. I'm just not strong enough to do the single handed portage stuff
I know a couple of dogs who liked it too

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