Monday, 10 September 2012

Tiling completed, family visit and pride in my dogs

.....and was Jerusalem builded there.....Union Jack, lots of singing, bottle of wine...loving it, it's become a tradition for us over the years
G grouted the tiles and put the fire back in situ
 good job my man
 half an hour away from legging it on the kayak and leaving himself to fish, we had a call from the family and a lovely unscheduled visit. L-R Zoe, Mylie, Tylan and Antony
 spur of the mo BBQ in Godmanchester park - park beautifully clean and used by many - not abused
 my dogs were pulled, cuddled, pushed, tripped over, fallen on and not a grumble from either - very proud of them
 don't you just love a Jaffa cake?
 this way Muttley
 aw come on Muttley..this way
 good boy
 aw.. mind my bits Mylie..that lead's giving me rope burn
time to go home and a bit too tired to walk


  1. Love the tiles - it looks fab...

    And toddler's skin is so soft because they use chocolate as a moisturiser - must try it myself :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. mmmm.. morning ablutions, moisturise with chocolate.. snack all day. I'm up for that