Thursday, 6 September 2012


Up into St Ives for a haircut - Lesley's was good and mine dodgy. Then quick trip round Budgeons and a lug of shopping back to the meadow mooring (can't someone do a corner shop at the river end of town?) to throw lunch at chaps as quick as poss so that we could get on with the good bits. A lovely dog walk to Houghton - magic to see the usual pairing of Floyd and Muttley charging off after rabbits and donkeys (!) whilst Fletcher and Baxter (mostly) do their own thing. A pint at the 3 horseshoes before returning home.
 Listed building really struggling here

 all being desperately propped up
Back home by 5.00 - just enough time to pootle off in the Kayak for an hour or so to chill before coming home to make dinner - I have to confess it was a bit thrown together. Kayaks, sunshine and gourmet dinners don't mix - now where's that ready meal?
Then Christine and Clive from the unique, colourful wooden boat Dragonfly came round for drinks they are both artists but beautifully down to earth people - what a special day
Tomorrow I have the backwaters round Houghton to explore whilst this weather holds. Lucky, lucky me.

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