Thursday, 27 September 2012


Came across this flyball competition whilst on our wanderings - about one hundred border collies all barking their happy heads off
 When they stopped for lunch they offered me the course for B and M to have a go. After loading the balls I turned round and my dogs had gone!
 Where were they? In the river paddling
 Nice to see a pretty sunset after all the thick cloud recently
 After one night in Godmanchester we set off on our way and it did stay dry at first, but miserable
 passing all the flood defences which have the locals up in arms - the general concensus is that it's costing 9 million pounds and the area is NOT one that floods, "I've lived here since 1963 and it's never flooded and they are putting higher railings round the town next to the water in case anyone falls in. Well no-one's fallen in since I came here in 1963 AND it's opposite the pub and why can't they spend the money on fixing the pavements and the......~
 approaching Huntingdon bridge, the derelict house/boatyard still remains deserted
 Unless of course the  house has been 'preserved' as a museum for Hitchcocks 'The Birds' it looked sinister enough in the grey light
 immediately the other side of the bridge there is this upmarket restoration/conversion so you'd think someone would want to do with it. Does anyone know the story behind it's demise/desertion?

floodwatch/water level info
Rang Hermitage lock this morning; the water has come up there overnight about 8 inches so it looks like we have to move quicker if we're going to get through. The water here (at St Ives) was up 4 inches but has dropped one this morning - that's one inch, it's not started getting smelly! So all is well here


  1. I got to my boat Tuesday lunchtime and the water was a foot below normal levels. Wednesday morning it was at normal levels again and by lunch time it had dropped another 3".

    They can certainly dump the water when they want to.

    1. I wish they'd dump some at this top end - the sluices to the 40ft drain were still closed

  2. The Daughter checked this out on her way home from work, The boatyard is Halls Boatyard, Godmanchester, just off the Avenue which crosses Huntingdon Old Bridge. Cant find out much on the internet, I think the site has been for sale a few times but access is a problem. It shut down quite a few years ago, but the house has been derelict for longer. Gill remembers been able to hire rowing boats there.

  3. Thank the Daughter for me please Andy. I've never tried to get there by road of course so the problem of access would explain why prime waterfront hasn't been redeveloped as a business. I'd love to know what happened to the house though - OK, so I'm just plain nosy