Thursday 20 March 2014

We had a terrific wedding anniversary on Tuesday

We started our celebration with a shout on the Ken Bruce 'love songs' spot - unbeknownst to each other we had both sent in a request, but it was G's that was read out. Then we had croissants and bubbly for elevenses. A walk with the dogs and a pint in the Barge before a snooze and then set off for the Cross Keys. The chef had duly rung me to say that he had obtained some venison for G's main course and that he'd, 'do something interesting with it'.

We were greeted with warmth and a glass of free bubbly. That wasn't all that was free - we paid for two starters, two mains and one pud which all came to under £50 - outstanding value for this amazing food. In addition to those courses we were presented with a pre-starter starter of the lightest, fluffiest, chicken liver mousse and marmalade.
 Then our two starters of king prawns and duck (both were huge) were followed by this raspberry sorbet
 Then our mains of sea bass and venison (amazing sauces and flavours) were followed by mini chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis
 followed by G's sticky toffee pudding and caramel sauce - I was defeated and didn't make another pud. The walk home was good paved path and surprisingly well-lit by city light pollution
I wish we could go back there for my birthday next week! 
Only one thing marred the day - I had to get up at 7.30 to make the walk into the opticians for 9.00 the next morning (yesterday) and I wasn't feeling very clever - especially when they told me there was some damage to the surface of my eye, which means a return bus trip for further checks tomorrow.

Getting up early I caught two crows and the squirrel scoffing from my 'feeding station'
So back down the hill
 and G was ready to pull pins - we were getting a bit desperate for water
so farewell to the lovely city of Milton Keynes 
 and on through 2 locks to moor at the bottom of the Soulbury  locks just in time for a hair of the dog at the dog friendly 3 Locks. The wind had become quite strong and we struggled to get MR off the bank here - even with the Indian rope trick.
 We'll stay here until Saturday probably as there is a bus stop here for me to get back to the opticians

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  1. Congratulations - sounds like a great celebration..

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream