Friday 15 June 2012

What shenannigans!

Since NB Yarwood and the MR crew met up with NB No problem there has been all sorts going on - now exactly what are Sue and my husband up to here in the pub? G says he had cramp; Sue says she was helping him!!!
Then, on the way back from the pub, we had another little look at the sand bank
Denver Sluice looking quite majestic in the dusk
That really is a dreadful place to leave a sand bank lying around
Then there were more curious goings on between Lesley and Vic - I think Vic is trying to "beam her up Scottie" for a bit of peace and quiet. It didn't work though - she was back again the next morning.
Here are some of the doggy pics I promised - I have had no internet access  for two days
Muttley and Baxter rumble whilst puppy Penny picks up a few tips
and tries to entice them in her direction
Floyd and Muttley are always up for a rumble
not to mention biscuits
Penny ventures in for a paddle

and we all enjoy an impromptu bbq although it wasn't very nice (the weather, not the food)

After getting cold the night before we decided to see if we could get 5 1/2 dogs 6 humans and a Daisy cat on MR for dinner - you can

By this time in the evening Penny had flaked out - at least Meg had a bit of a break - that's Meg's paw over her neck
and this splendid chap came to see what all the noise was about
Daisy has been doing quite a lot of, "razin on the flooo ban" and Penny joined in with a bit of her own "razin" in the form of a dead crow!

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Tideway- a very long day

We were up at 6.ooam and away before 7.oo...yuk!!! We  were to be at Salters to catch the rising level tide. We allowed plenty of time as the last time we crawled these ditches we dredged the bottom at less than 2mph. There was more water this time and we had time to give the dogs a good walk before we went and sat in the lock..and sat in the lock....and sat in the lock..

3/4 of the crews
 Yarwood in first and tied up on the far side
Yarwood entering Salters Lode
 Us in behind and the lock gates closed again, whilst we wait for the tide to give us enough water round the sand banks.

Tying up for the 1 1/2 hour wait 
and the're off, Yarwood Departing Salters Lode

All of these pictures come with a huge thank you to Sue and Vic on NB No Problem who hung around forever to take them and then Sue loaded them for me...Yes, FINALLY we meet up

Now it's MR's Turn

Yarwood Halfway up the Tideway

G posing as usual

The Turn in to Denver Lock

G was a little more wary of the size of the sandbank below the water or late as usual

Now the tricky bit

Stirring the soup to do a standing 90 right

Nearly there!

Plenty of forward reverses to swing the nose
 It really doesn't look possible does it?
the boy done good, I think my smile says it all
Two happy ladies

Simples - drama over we had tea, walked dogs and went up the pub and then back to No Problem - puppy pictures on the next head hurts for now

Sunday 10 June 2012

In the words of Delaney's donkey (which I may have

uttered once before) how do you fit two 66ft narrers plus a mini job, in very shallow water on a not very big mooring?
 By pulling it, pushing it, shoving it and shushing it
 As long as we can get the front in for human and animal access and our stern, hanging out about 6ft, isn't  blocking the navigation
and they can get the side in for human and animal access and NB Arthemis (being a bit of a short arse) can pull up wherever she wants and hop on and off over the top - easy! Arthemis has a beautiful dog but he IS a lurcher - currently sharing outside space with Daisy in very careful shifts!!!!

This space was all ours until this morning you know - bloody interlopers

Saturday 9 June 2012

Our very own party in the park

MR sits in pole position to enjoy the March Summer Festival. We started off the day attending to, yet more, 'stuff' at the Post Office but were then thwarted by Lloyds  Bank which doesn't open here on a Saturday morning. We then went to the enterprising Ship Inn for an excellent breakfast - full English for himself and poached eggs for me together with large coffees and a peruse through the provided papers. Perfik.
That done there was time to buy fish and veg at the local market before the carnival procession started although we missed the colourful Caledonian Pipe Band (photographically speaking)
 These drummers were great but I didn't envy the 'conductor' who walked backwards the whole way - but he missed all the banana skins and 'keep left' bollards

 The stars of the show though were the Bernese Mountain dogs, some pulling carts, and the puppy was just gorgeous. I, as usual, was on the wrong side of the road and these are the best I could do although, in my photographic defense, it's not easy taking pics whilst trying to hide a giant puppy up your jumper!

 An excellent restoration, plus there were several more in the procession that were definitely in a state of 'before' rather than 'after' (some of which didn't appear to be taxed!!?) - no tears please Angela and John
The music went on throughout the afternoon and didn't disturb us as it was at the other end of the Park
 But the guys with the scooters seem to be having the most fun and were truly skilled as the testosterone flowed whilst they tried to outdo each other in front of their female teenage audience

 A tribute Pink Floyd band rounded off the evening but, despite the decent weather (well, it wasn't raining) was very poorly attended, especially considering it's free!
Meanwhile, MR nestles peacefully at her mooring as the sun sets. All over before 10.00pm and the park empty as the police re-impose the, "alcohol  ban and young peoples curfew". Simples.
Tomorrow we have brass and military bands and a 'last night of the proms' - our flags and song sheets are at the ready and Yarwood should have rejoined us by then