Saturday 16 July 2011

We are Still here but!

We are still here but I tried to give our 'puter a glass of red wine, it didn't like it, and between the both of us we dropped Jill's second new camera and it's away for repair.
The 'puter is very intolerant of red wine and has decided to go on random strikes, she will work now and then, but then not long enough to do a blog,   heeelllp. Have ordered a new battery, maybe that will help solve the problem, who knows?

We have managed to keep intouch with the world with my phone, but it's not the same, however we have met and dined with two other bloggers, Neil and Kath of NB Herbie. We had a very nice paupers supper in the Navigation at Kilby Bridge, they then joined us on 'MR' for a nite cap which was when I fed 'puter with the red wine. Kath told me the next morning that she felt guilty about the 'puter because if they hadn't gone round after supper it probably wouldn't have happened. Woman always seem to take on the guilt!

Anyway, enough for now except we are at Loughborough awaiting the delivery of our new batteries and building a new battery box to accept them.

Well done 'puter you have made it!