Thursday 27 March 2008

took 5hours to do 3 miles (and 11 locks) today. Our mate Andy did nearly 18 miles & 13 locks - what a pair of amateurs we are but he has to be back at school on Monday and we have to be absolutely nowhwere until my mum's birthday on 6th June.Would we swap? No way. Muttley back on good form. Eating again and pinging about between locks-now exhausted and slept for last 5 hours. Sun shining for most of today (couple of showers) and little wind - joy. The only down side to today is my complete inability to point 66ft by 6ft 10 of boat at 7ft of lock opening! I can't FEEL that pivot point to swing her back and it frustates me to the point of tears. I can fly gliders and have a PPL but I cannot make a cool, smooth entry into a lock. I go slowly, 'cause I'm crap, but the slower you go, the less steerage you have, it's really getting me down. Come up through Atherstone today, side hatches open due to lovely weather. Peeling veg for dinner when Daisy drops through waterside hatch with mouse - at least it was already dead, so didn't take off round boat. Why do we have animals bless them. Our life would be so much more chilled (and cheaper) without.

Wednesday 26 March 2008

graham much too modest about muttley having him up during night. he had him up at hourly intervals and by morning was very poorly dog dehydrating in front of our eyes. mad search on internet for vets and taxis and muttley spent 14 hours at vets on easter monday- leaving us £300 poorer. why do they always do this on sundays and bank holidays when prices double? Wednesday today & finally he is picking up. So horrid to see him like that for so long. Now have basket muzzle so he shouldn't be able to pick up any more of Daisy's mouse remains-we think that's what caused it, although it's such a shame he can't chase balls or carry home firewood like before-hopefully he'll grow out of this eating nasty things. My birthday today but you don't get cards, only e-mails, texts & phone calls, bit different but I couldn't have a better birthday, who,but boaters, get to feed ducks out of the window & have constantly changing countryside? My mum-in-law managed to get a card to me by forward planning-only one.Thanks Margaret. Left the Ashby today and neither of us knows how long we were on it-we seem to loose all track of time now on Coventry at Hartshill. Not as bad through Nuneaton as we anticipated and quickly back into countryside. Local dogs/walkers about on towing path & one dog got a very rude reward when he stuck his nose into our cratch-Daisy had him across the nose. Whoever you are I hope she didn't hurt you too badly!

Sunday 23 March 2008

Easter Sunday

We had thought of cruising today, but woke to a covering of Snow and still a bitter sharp wind. Yeah OK we are whimps, but we can be, we don't have to be anywhere by any time. Jill is not very well seems to have picked up a nasty stomach complaint, its a good job I'm not suffering aswell as we only have one OUTLET!
Mutley has the same problem as jill and had me up in the middle of the night, but atleast he asked.
We shall see what tomorrow brings, we shall soon have to do a resupply, hopefully I can find a Canal Bridge arround here where Tesco will deliver to, If not it looks like I shall be taking my 1st bus ride to Morrisons in Hinkley.

Wednesday 19 March 2008

The End of the Ashby

That's the end of our first full navigation of a canal, unfortunately it doesn't go anywhere, one has to turn around and go back, but what the heck the views are different on the return.

It has been a lovely days cruising, even managed to retrieve a fishing float, the weather has been cold but bright and clear. Jill has made a management decision, we are going to eat out tonight at the 'Rising Sun' in Shakerstone. What a life!!!!!!.

Monday 17 March 2008

In the Middle of Nowhere

Still on the Ashy Canal, about 1 mile south of Congerstone and 2 miles north of Market Bosworth, Battle of Bosworth Field where Henry Tudor beat Richard III to become King Henry VII and concluded the 100 years War(1485). Well so they say!!! We cruised for about 4 hrs today, it was bitterly cold but the views were worth it.

Today is our 19th Wedding Anniversary, we decided to stay where we were, and take a walk to the Pub in Congerstone at lunch time, they have a very nice menu but we have Venison and pear Chutney and a bottle of Champagne so lunch didn't happen but a very nice dinner was enjoyed by both of us.

Friday 14 March 2008

Early Start

Well it was for us, Muttley decided that he had to go out at 7.03am, there was nothing for it but to pull the pins early and move on. Thank you Muttley. We stopped for water just below Hinkley and were befriended by two wire haired Jack Russells, they were lovely but our menagerie didn't think so as they were confined to the boat, barking.

Hinkley was nothing special to look. It was too early to stop at the pubs and get a pint so we shot out the other side into some lovely countryside, The Ashby Canal is really beautiful in places, thats why it took us 5hrs to cover 4.5 miles, to Stoke Golding where we are now moored.

Thursday 13 March 2008

Bridge No3 Ashby Canal

The weather has broken today so we made a dirty dash upto the Ashby Canal and found a beautiful place to moor up for a couple of days, we had been given the low down on this spot by Andy off Khyamanzi back at Brinklow Marina, it is a great spot for the dogs and the cats. Talking of great spots,

Baxter and Muttley have found theirs.

Tuesday 11 March 2008

Ansty, Oxford Canal, Warwickshire

We decided to make a break for it during a lull in the bad weather, we have only cruised for about 3hrs today and very nice it was too, the Marina is nice but boats are made for cruising. It maybe that we actually go down to a Pub for only the second time since moving onto Matilda, but Jill may not if the winds and rains come, she is such a wuss, no not really she just likes her creature comforts and as she just interjected 'or her space'. The chances of cruising tomorrow are slight due to the winds and weather but if there is a break in it we probably will.

Jill has been awaiting a new Passport and it was delivered to Great Yarmouth and the Old Shop, the delivery company refused to let Heather and Steve sign for it, so now it has disappeared into the ether........ we are trying to negotiate with the Passport Office to have it delivered to a Post Office on our route (post mistress has agreed) but it could be difficult as Jill needs photo ID to collect it, she needed a new Passport to be able to get her New Photo Driving Licence, has no other Photo ID and therefore may have a problem getting her Passport from the Post Office and hence her new Photo driving licence. She has been a non-existent person since the middle of January. One needs Photo ID to get Photo ID could be a catch 22. The irony is that they will only have to open the envelope to compare it with Jill but will the post mistress open an envelope addressed to Jill??????

Monday 10 March 2008


Well we never left the Marina, we decided that as we were now retired we would only do what was pleasant and cruising in this weather the UK is now getting is far from that. We will depart probably on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Friday 7 March 2008

Moving on

Came back from Norfolk Sunday and spent a few days getting a bit straighter & catching up with family. Big "discussion" on Monday re removing sources of major stress - washing machine (which keeps leaving us with sodden clothes) & dog' s coats (full coats on Tibetans are very beautiful but VERY hard work to maintain). As a result we have 2 very wierd looking rather bald dogs & a new washing machine & reduced stress levels. Daisy went overboard yesterday but it was only a matter of time & she didn't seem paticularly concerned. Two in, two still to go in - plus us of course. Those that have & those that haven't YET!
Tomorrow is the big day, we are going to take a 10 week cruise, moving north up the Oxford onto the Coventry, a small diversion to do the Ashby and then on up north to the Llangollen.
we will be taking pictures and posting anything that takes our interest.