Saturday 18 December 2010

Proud Mum and Dad

Karl, Karen and Baby Andre.

And a doting Jilly.

Birmingham in the Snow

'MR' at 3pm Saturday 18th December 2010

Sherborne Wharf
This is 6 or 8 inches of snow, it could be either but it depends on whether you're male or female.

Friday 17 December 2010

Mustn't grumble - we cruised!

We cruised to the water point and back. There was a small window of hope that we might escape to the north stratford where we were booked in for xmas. Whilst walking the dogs I met a BW tug and barge that was trying to break through - it had taken him 3 days to cover around half a mile!
So that's that then. Portholes covered in ice and chucking it down with snow again. We have water, expensive fuel (no logging to be scrumped) and shops for food so why am I getting so fed up; should add fat and fed up. Hopeless at being stationary.

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Last Night at the Proms

Lesley and Jill waving the flag
Last week saw us at the Symphony Hall again this time to see The Police Symphony Orchestra do their version of last night at the proms, it was a cracking evening enjoyed by all present. 
We had to be on our best behaviour as we were seated directly behind the Chief Constable and quite a few assistant Chief Constables from several forces, but once the second half was under way there was no stopping us, singing/wailing waving throwing, even the scrambled egg took part, High Spirits!

Rings on her finger, bells on her toes/wrists this lady 'll make music! where'er  she goes.

Monday 13 December 2010

New Arrival

At 5am this morning, after 2 contractions, a new addition to my family arrived, weighing in at 6lb 14oz.

Andre Karlton Campbell
Karen  and Andre are doing well.

Thursday 9 December 2010

Second year cruising anniversary dinner

On Monday the 6th December 2010, Caxton and Matilda Rose have been cruising these beautiful lands of ours together for 2 years. 
Cafe Rouge, Brindley Place, Birmingham.

Armed with Tesco vouchers Lesley, Joe, Jill and I had a wonderful meal at Cafe Rouge, we ate drank and became merry, well very merry.
So merry in fact that Jill and Joe were having a chameleon competition, neither quite managed to obtain the right shade, but there again, neither would a chameleon, can anyone tell me why?

Wednesday 8 December 2010

A visitor calls

Since we have been Iced in here in Birmingham, we have been neighbours with a boat named Jacala, and one of our neighbours came to call whilst his dad went to the shops.
Dylan is a cross Border Collie, Jack Russell and is adorable, our boys just love him. He settled down very well until.....

 Daisy came to visit, and he was totally mesmerised by her, she was not so happy having yet another intruder enter her inner sanctum.
Dylan and Daisy stare each other out. Dylan wishes he had longer legs!

Sunday 5 December 2010

Free Jazz in Birmingham at the Symphony Hall

Friday evening after she had returned from a free classical guitar concert at the Museum, Jill persuaded me to go to the Friday Rush-hour concert at the Symphony Hall.
Carol Brewster and her Band
The theme was Jazz, Jill had said if it got too heavy we could leave, but there was no need for that. We had front row seats and the entertainment was superb. I couldn't understand Jill's infatuation with the Sax player!

Thursday 2 December 2010

Bit o' culture in Birmingham

It rather looks as if we could be over wintering in Birmingham whether we like it or not. We expected to stay for about 5 days, but we all know what happened next. With G away at an RAF helicopter reunion in London, I took myself off to the Symphony Hall for a Classic Rock Concert by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - it was sensational and I bounded back to continue rocking around MR high on adrenalin (there was no one around to bother, only the boys and Daisy and they are used to a lunatic mum). 
Flushed with joy at a reunion with live music, I booked myself into the Town Hall for a lunchtime organ recital on Monday.
A magnificent beast. Unfortunately, due to G returning from London with man flu, I was very tired and had a tendency to nod off. That's my excuse, but it was a little too highbrow for me if I'm honest. So I've gone back to basics and booked last night of the proms and a carol service-bit more suited to an unedumacated me.

Birmingham now starting to look quite festive - this is Brindley Place.

Stalactite hanging under the bridge as we walked home. I can do culture!!

Birmingham's Pantomime Horse Races

The Birmingham Pantomime Horse race took place last Sunday, Jill, Lesley and I decided we needed a bit of an cheery uplift, as we are stuck hard here on the BCN. The crowds were out in their thousands at the German Market and a few spilled over into Broad Street to watch this hilarious event.

Horses and riders lining up to enter the Parade Ring

Competitors pay the event organisers £50 to hire the costume and then are able to raise money for their chosen charity

The Ladies Race was a stylish affair, but as the race went on we saw who were the fillies and who were the mares.

The men's race was a little more hectic, not so much studs more like thugs, sorry lads.

Mens race on the final run in down hill to the finish.

Ah and here comes 'Viagra' a little 'Hard' to control 

And 'Viagra' again with his trews down around his ankles, the pill must have worn off!
We didn't have any money on the outcome, but a good time was had by all. Now off to the Pub for a little warming ales.