Sunday 29 June 2008

Jill to return on Thursday

It has been very nearly six weeks that Jill has been looking after her mother, she is getting stir crazy living in a brick built construction, but her sentence will soon be over.
I have still been trying to get on top of the battle damage from our 1st cruise, it has been slow going due to the weather but I shall persevere.
On Jills return, she has requested a trip to Stratford, so hopefully by Friday or Saturday we shall be pullin Pins and heading south. Oh please let us have some half descent weather.

Saturday 21 June 2008

Still DIY ing

Unfortunately Jill is still looking after her Mother, but she is seeing the light at the end of the Tunnel and is looking forward to returning to Matilda Rose.
The on going DIY is going well, half the sound proofing has been completed in the engine 'ole, radio has been installed in the Office, stbd bow war damage has been touched up, ooow. Chimney has been half cleaned and half repaired, still thats always been the story of my DIYing, it will be completed once the weather turns again for the better.
well thats all for now folks, normal service may be resumed shortly!!!!

Wednesday 11 June 2008

Returning to Matilda Rose

It has been a while since our last blog but there was a reason, Jill returned to Notfolk and ended up, and still is, looking after her mother who turned 90 last week. Her mum went on a coach tour to Bournmouth just before our return to Norfolk and whilst there was taken ill and had to be taken home by Taxi, £345 Bournmouth to Great Yarmouth, nice money if you can get it! I have been living with the menagerie on the caravan for the last 2 1/2 weeks, albeit doing a little sailing, however it is now time to return to Matilda Rose and give her a little TLC.
I am returning with only the dogs to keep me company, ahhh!
Before we left MR our neighbour on Lady Hester, Phil, sold me some very good sound proofing , which I shall now endeavour to install in the engine ole, Jill will then, hopefully, be able to talk to me when under way without shouting over the engine noise. She has just said "If I ever get back"
I will also spend a little time repairing the battle scars from our last cruise!!!!
I shall post a few sailing shots in the near future.