Saturday 29 August 2009

Moonshine & the Gritstone Trail

This was the scene on Matilda Rose at 8.00am today!

Then Lesley & I set off up the Gritstone Trail and on to the moors. Unfortunately, and not for the first time, we had to change our route due to bovines.

The weather wasn't very special but wedid stay dry by the skin of our teeth.

We soon found a space at the cafe in Lyme Park - Floyd & Fletcher had disappeared, at one point, and had clearly had a good roll. Nothing like a pair of smelly labs to part the bank holiday crowds and help you find a table!

Having returned the dogs to the boats 4+ hours later, we went off blackberrying and then it rained and rained and rained. Our sailing/caravaning clan are all gathered in Norfolk and having fabulous weather - we always seem to be in the wrong place for decent weather. The nights are drawing in now & I still haven't got my legs brown (unless you count Floyd's muddy caresses).

Friday 28 August 2009

New moorings at Disley

Massive cruise today, must have moved at least 3/4 of a mile and we're now outside Disley. The boats appear to have an adequate signal for grand prix qualifier & race so, water levels permitting, we are OK 'til Monday which means I get 2 more days of Disley PCs beautiful marked paths. Sandwiches are made, I think Goyt Valley tomorrow this is just one big sweetie factory for walkers.

G has returned from the funeral in South Oxford and braved the Bank Holiday Friday traffic.
RIP Aunty May

Disley & Lyme Park

Disley, on first inspection, is not the most attractive place due to the A6 running right through the middle. However, Disley Parish Council have done some VERY clever marketing. Pick up their map which shows lots of circular walks and all their lovely countryside - the paths on the map have numbers and the footpath signs carry the numbers ..... how simple, how perfect, why can't everyone do it? WELL DONE DISLEY PC!!!!!!!!!!
We had no intention of going into the house or gardens on this trip - we'll do that from Poynton on the Macclesfield when we can leave the dogs with the men; today was about fresh air and excercise and beautiful, stunning, landscapes. I am starting to worry that nowhere else will match up. Stoppages permitting, Lesley and I are
beginning to think we might come back this way in the winter.

The dogs are all on leads because we were concerned that Floyd might want to herd the deer into a closer group and F,B & M might want to help him!

You can take the man out of the shop.............

....but you can't take the shopkeeper out of the man.

Assault on Kinder Scout (or not)

Straight off the towpath between bridge 28 (New Mills) & bridge 29 is the Torrs Riverside Park, you can follow that into New Mills and pick up the Sett Valley Trail to Hayfield without climbing a single hill. From Hayfield you can launch your assault onto Kinder Scout.
So, we did all that in very pleasant walking weather and stopped for a swift pint at an awfully posh pub before our final push from base camp (the pub sign read, "ramblers welcome", but we still felt the need to skirt the smart rugs due to walking boots).
This was "it" then, left the pub and the heavens opened and a bus pulled up for New Mills,"2 adults and 4 dogs please". I guess we'll never make proper explorers, but we did have another fabulous day.

New Mills - WOW!

Moved 2 miles back down the Peak Forest Canal (well we arrived in one big hurried heap to the end so we don't want to overdo it on the way back) to New Mills - sounds horrible but WOW! All this lot happens right under the centre of the town and it's a junction for a ton of national footpath trails. The new millenium walkway is a gorgeous piece of sculptural engineering - sadly, the guy responsible waskilled in the London bombings.

Flat it isn't, but this is a must - do not cruise past.

If you'd like the history, flip across to Caxton's blog as I'm still playing catch up. Dainion would have loved this; I will come back here with him.

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Train into Buxton (a dog free day)

For once the sun shone & Lesley & I had a dog free day in Buxton doing what the Victorians would have done (I'm on dodgy ground here-my historian mate is bound to pull me up on this). We did the museums, the art galleries, ate icecreams, rode twice round the park on the kiddies choo choo train (waving to the kiddies who weren't lucky enough to be riding on it with us).

Poor G had had to go to Oxford to deal with a Great Aunt's bereavement, it doesn't seem right really. It also meant that Dainion had to go home 2 days early (although he had stayed 2 weeks), I think he was as disappointed as I was, I was used to having you around little feller; Muttley & I both miss you, although it's nice to eat onions again!!!!!!

Chinley & Chapel en le Frith Tramway

We had walked the tramway on more than one occasion, but never managed to find the link into the centre of Chapel, we were determined to suss this before we left and the bit we were missing was the most dramatic of all under the twin viaducts.