Thursday 27 March 2014

Hooray - the computer it says yes!

After the investment of a substantial number of hours and a patience level that I can only dream of, my IT Dept. has restored the file links on the computer with only a couple of months loss of pics (a lot of which will be on the blog anyway).

 Daisy begging to be let in so that she could eat her dinner in peace (Milton Keynes mouse I think)
 and three out of four (there was another white one) of our neighbours at the 3 locks. Once the owner spotted Daisy he picked up a shovel and drew a line across the towpath - I later found out that the dogs  knew not to cross the 'imaginary" line without permission. Cool. Perhaps Sue should try the technique on No Problem's Penny.

I caught the bus into MK and was pleased to find that my eye was inproving - only two more days of stumbling about in my glasses. A relief as I'd all ready tripped through a hedge and scratched my face nose and mouth - not a look I'd recommend! 
Before we pulled pins on Saturday I walked into the nearby village
 which has the most amazing shop - post office, dry cleaners, garden centre, ... plus a good supply of the usual groceries and wine packed into such a small space
Unfortunately the main road  splits it into two. This is not the main road
We moored nearby The Globe in the nick of time, just  before this lot happened.
(Many moons ago Lesley, Joe, G and I headed for The Globe to meet up with The Dreamers and Greygal - however, they were meeting us at The Grove which is several miles and locks away!)
 So onwards and upwards on Monday sharing this lock with two shorter narras from the Lion Cruising Club who were out for a jolly and good fun to be  with
 So polite that they left the space right outside Tesco at Leighton Buzzard for us and moored up further on themselves. 
Stocked up at Aldi and Tesco making sure we did the 'Brits Abroad' thing - stock piling English mustard, T-bags, Marmite, baked beans and deodarant etc. Yes, I did say deodarant - evidently both soap and deodarant are very expensive in Europe: if they're not, I've had my leg pulled!
Moored by Br 118 at Slapton in order to try and re-arrange our meeting with Neil and Kath on NB Herbie for Tuesday. More about that on the next blog!


  1. Chris Trotman (Black Swan)Thu Mar 27, 05:56:00 pm 2014

    If you are worried about the price of soap etc. don't forget your plastic bags or bags for life. There has been a tax on plastic bags since 2007 in Belgium.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for that - rucksacks and bags for life all on board - I always try to carry a little fold-away nylon rucksack too which is handy if you unexpectedly find local goodies like eggs and honey whilst out walking.
      I wish England would do the same - we might not get as many around the prop then!