Sunday 30 May 2010

More of this wonderful Bird

This was the Red Kite's early morning survey of the Motte at Fotheringhay, taken at about 6.15am.
The Kill this time was relatively small compared to the rabbit of the day before.

up and away to young?Probably as I would have thought she would have eaten this small mouse/vole straight away, I ought to do a little research!

Saturday 29 May 2010

Red Kite at Fotheringhay

What a wonderful bird this is, I am sorry the photos are not the best, but my long lens is only a cheapy and grains badly.What wonderful markings.
The next photo was taken just before it pounced onto an unsuspecting rabbit.
The rabbit was almost the same size as the bird.
I feel so privileged.

Moonlight swim in the Nene

I heard some excited noises coming from the river the night before last, the moon was full and low and behold there were 4 mad people swimming upstream in the river. They call themselves the Nene swimmers!

Quite impressive Butterfly Action.
Oi! Caxton any chance of a warm cuppa?

Thursday 27 May 2010

Wadenhoe to Fotheringhay

This is the sight from our window for the next week(excluding you know who) Even at night it's stunning, what a lovely place Fotheringhay is!
I've never seen this before, Mum looking after her Cygnets, three on one trying its hardest to get in by the back door.

I hope we don't get too many more of these low bridges, or I hope we don't get too much rain.
This river has some of the most stunning scenery, here we are approaching Oundle Lock.

Meeting the Odyssey again

Three Grumpy Men, See no Dogs, Hear no dogs, go away Dogs.Lou after her exertions with the Pack
Blue given up too!

Come on boys and girls chase Aunty Lesley!
Buy guys see you soon.

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Long Weekend at Thrapston

No better place to spend the weekend,Dinner at the Woolpack with Jill's Cousin and her husband

Sunday Dinner with Jill's cousin Sonia and her Husband Mike, a lovely time was had by all.

Caxton thru' Irthlingborough

Caxton approaching Irthlinborough Bridgeit all looks lovely and serene but imagine a couple of feet of fresh on the River and this sight would look horrendous
but no problems here for Caxton

Now sharp to starboard!

Sunday 16 May 2010

Wednesday in Northampton

Weds saw G and I setting off into Northampton to have a looksee. Didn't expect to meet this feller (not sure of his relevance to a gentlemen's tailor though).

Just look at this architecture - I certainly didn't expect anything this impressive.

Ran out of time and didn't make the art gallery - hopefully I'll catch it in the way back - as I needed to scurry home and find food for the family (they all live in Northampton, which is why we have the opportunity to see a fair bit of them at the moment); had a lovely evening playing with the kids and the dogs in the meadows; can't beat British open spaces on a sunny evening.

Our mooring at Midsummer Meadow

Beautiful Avenues of Horse Chestnuts
Tucked nicely onto the pontoon together (when they eventually took the temporary bridge down and let Caxton through to join us).
The evening sky reflected in the water...
..and the early morning sunshine.

On to the River Nene

Woops. Does any one know how to remove a duplicated photo?
We stopped at Morrison's for desperately needed supplies and, whilst Lesley and I were shopping, Graham moved MR on to Midsummer Meadow leaving Caxton to carry me and the shopping down to him when we'd finished.

Sat on Caxton's new front patio for the short trip I observed to Lesley that, from this angle, the river appeared to be a dead end. That's because it was. They had built a temporary bridge across to move motor equipment to and from the earthworks for the new marina being built on the far bank. I don't know why, but Lesley looked decidedly uncomfortable when I settled down into her sun lounger and declared my intention to stay the night; so I ended up walking home.

Saturday 15 May 2010

Moored at Gayton Junction Monday night

Moored opposite the boatyard on a very pleasant mooring but SO NOISY.

The Northampton Arm and it's flight of 17 locks is gorgeous, but to appreciate it's beauty fully you need to issue everyone with earplugs against the traffic noise. Towards the top the noise finally stops but the reeds stop you getting into the side - shame as it would make lovely moorings with a tiny bit of attention.

I made a cup of coffee for the lady whilst she rested with her shopping.
The horses grazing by the lock were completely unconcerned by our presence