Wednesday 30 September 2009

Biddulph Grange Gardens

On the Monday, Lesley & I walked the dogs a VERY long way down the Biddulph Valley Way into Biddulph (Lesley had already walked in the opposite direction to Congleton for shopping). We tried 7 or 8 pubs before we could get a pint of bitter - some were closed, some wouldn't accept dogs (even in the garden), & some didn't do real ale. By this stage we'd reached Biddulph Country Park & the National Trust Gardens - only to find they were closed Mondays & Tuesdays. So we walked home, via a longer route, 'cause we got a bit , ..lost.
Linda (our friends from NB Critical Point who live locally) took pity on us and picked us up by car to re-visit the gardens on Wednesday - except we had a puncture and the car jack was at home in the garage!

Tuesday 29 September 2009

Congleton and the Cloud

An early start for the services and descent down Bosley locks got us nowhere as lock 3 was closed for emergency repairs, but it was only a few hours and the weather was gorgeous for lurking and nattering.

20 short fat hairy (some more so than others) climbed our way to the top of Bosley Cloud for a picnic.

PS We are now on the River Weaver but I need to at least catch up with the in between highlights in particular our visitors.

Macclesfield and Culture

Had a fantastic day in Macclesfield with Lesley. In particular the tour of Paradise Mill - one of the silk museums. Absolute must if you are in this neck of the woods.

Look at this early comptometer

A silk stocking maker - early onset "knitting nancy" or french knitter - I remember producing those coils as a kid.

I have no chance of catching up with this blog - the lack of a regularly reliable signal defeats me

Friday 18 September 2009

Bollington and White Nancy

When we moored in Bollington on the way through we thought we'd seen the town, but there are actually 3 parts to it and its' rather nice.

So we hauled our short fat hairy's out the back of the town and climbed our way up to "White Nancy".

The handsome Floyd posedfor me halfway up, which gave me an excuse to catch my breath!

This is the monument/folly as it used to be

and this is it as it is now! oh well, at least it's not covered in graffiti.

The views, however, did not dissapoint

The Middlewood Way runs from Marple to Macclesfield along a disused railway line and is open to walkers, joggers, horse riders and cyclists.........grrrrr....I'm beginning to hate cyclists.
This is one of the carvings along the way.
Oooops! I've just gone into edit this and, in the process, have lost someone's comment. SORRY. I think it was Aljero saying what a beautiful place it is to visit and they are so right.

Anson museum

My last "location & activity" blog was when we turned back onto theMacclesfield from thePeak Forest. Yesterday, we finally came off the Macclesfield on to theTrent & Mersey. We have been on the two canals 44 days! There are two reasons why I haven't blogged one, of course, is the lack of a reliable signal and the other is lack of time/inability to stay awake long enough. However, Graham had a good signal whilst I was out with the dogs and managed to get some photos loaded; so .... this is what we've been up to.

Joe & Graham went to the Anson engine museum & said it was fantastic.

Wednesday 2 September 2009

"How to clean everything about the house"

G's aunt died and would have been 97 this month. She had kept an amazing amount of stuff including a brochure with the above title. Here is an extract on how to clean swimsuits.

"Fill a saucer with cleaning spirit and gently squeeze the stained area in it to dissolve the solid matter. When only a faint brown stain remains, mop lightly with a clean rag, being careful not to rub. Send the suit to be cleaned when convenient."

The mind boggles!!! What were they swimming in? Were the waters/swimming pools infested with waste or were they shark infested to induce such fear?

Boaters waste disposal problems pale into insignificance compared to this - which reminds me, we shared pump out equipment with another boat at Marple and we hadn't even exchanged first names, let alone formal introductions '- tis a rum old world.

Lyme Park House and Gardens (Back on the Macc)

Movedback on to the Macclesfield and set off over bridge 15 to actually enter the house at Lyme Park. Smashing bit of stone walling taken place here recently.

20 legs lurked whilst 4 looked round the house and then we swapped over.

This is where Darcy took his sexy dip in the lake-the stage set for Pride & Prejudice. Somehow, the en-suite bathroom rather left me disappointed.

and the orangery wasn't a patch on the one in Buxton.

The gardens were gorgeous though and the sun was actually shining.

Whilst we were looking round the house, the heavens opened and poor Lesley & Joe were out there with the dogs. Still...............there was no point in all 4 (or 8) of us getting wet!!!!

No sooner had we moored up for the day than Daisy & Muttley moved onto Caxton; fair doos, Floyd is now a regular resident; only Fletcher & Baxter remain more aloof and tend to stick to their own boats unless a specific invitation has been issued.